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The 15 Best Video Game Blogs [A Top Sites List]

The Best Video Game Blogs on the Internet

Today I’m listing the 15 best video game blogs on the Internet. This is no small task, as lots of people like to blog about video games. But my guess is that at least 90% of these blogs are useless.

I used some of the following criteria when creating this list:

  • How often and how recently has the blog been updated?
  • How compelling is the writing on the blog?
  • How useful is the information in the posts?
  • Is the content unique?
  • How attractive is the blog?

Here are the 15 best video game blogs on the Internet:

  1. Just Another Video Game Blog – The writer has been playing video games since the age of 9. The blog includes well-expressed opinions on a wide variety of gaming-related subjects. The design is retro cool, too. Here’s an example of one of the posts I enjoyed there: Nintendo Still Does Retro Well.
  2. And Then She Games – Is anything more attractive than a cute, smart woman who loves to play video games? I have trouble of thinking of anything. Here’s an example of one of her latest posts: Kicking Gnomes 1947.
  3. Game Bias – Jed Pressgrove offers some distinct opinions here. I especially enjoyed his recent post titled Vogel’s Lack of Appreciation for Video Games and History.
  4. Cannot Be Tamed – I love this blog’s header. You can listen to their latest podcast episode here: We Want to Stand Up. Definitely worth your time.
  5. Retro-Def – With the word “retro” in the name of the site and the phrase “purposefully behind the times” in the tag line, you know you’re in for a treat. An example of what you can expect from Ryan: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  6. Grubdog – Lots of well-written reviews. Example: Fire Emblem Fates – Shiro’s Struggle.
  7. Caught Me Gaming – Sarca writes about video games and other entertainment related subjects here. I enjoyed her review of the movie Wild.
  8. Giant Bomb – Another well-written blog with a beautiful design. I enjoyed the recent guest post about choosing the right fighting game.
  9. Ancient Electronics – Clever name for a blog about retro gaming. Incredibly detailed coverage, too–check out this post about Reelmagic Mpeg1 Decoder Cards.
  10. Pop Culture Beast – They actually blog about multiple pop culture related subjects, but I linked to their page about video games. Some of their posts are news-related, like this one: Torment: Tides of Numenera Coming to Consoles.
  11. Sega Does – I love the tagline, which describes what you’ll find here better than anything I could come up with: “A journey through Sega history, one game at a time”.Tel-Tel Mahjong is one of their recent posts.
  12. Nerdly Pleasures – I love the retro header and the overall attitude of this one. The title of their most recent post made me laugh, too: Two Late Classic Apple II to PC Ports, Unalike in Dignity.
  13. The CRPG Addict – This blog is an example of dedication and persistence. As I write this, their post about Pools of Darkness represents the 280th game reviewed there.
  14. Ancient DOS Games – Another podcast (sorta, it’s actually a “webshow”). Most of the content there is being transferred to YouTube. You can watch their latest video,Lemmings, here.
  15. Lost Video Games – Possibly the best designed blog on this list, with lots of interesting posts. Many of their recent posts are about Steam Greenlight.

And those are my picks for the top video game blogs on the Internet. I might expand this list in the future if I find more bloggers who capture my imagination.

A final note: These aren’t listed in order of quality or anything like that. They’re in more-or-less random order. Some people care about stuff like that.

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