Blazing 7’s Slots

Blazing 7’s Slot Machine

Blazing 7s Slots

Even though Bally Gaming offers many top notch slot machines, none have done as much for the company as Blazing 7’s slots. Sure, Playboy slots andSaturday Night Live slots are popular, but Blazing 7’s is the machine that put the company on the slot machine
map. Even though many of the new slot machines currently being released such as video slots and themed slots have features that the modern slot player finds attractive and desireable, Blazing 7’s still is one of the most played slot machines in the casino. The lure of Blazing 7s slots lies in its’ simplicity. No new fangled bells and whistles. Just an easy to understand and easy play classic look and feel that make this slot game an overwhelming and consistent favorite among slot players around the world.

Blazing 7’s Slots: The Details

Blazing 7’s is one of Bally’s most commonly played machines. This is why you can find these slots in almost every casino in the United States. They may not have the visual appeal of other games, such as Playboy slots, but once you begin to play you will realize just how much fun you can have. In the early days, Blazing 7’s slots was nothing more than a standard three reel, one payline slot machine. But over the years, this has changed a bit and Bally now offers both a three and five reel option.

Blazing 7’s Slot Machines: How to Play

No matter what version of Blazing 7’s slots you play, one thing is for sure: you will be able to find a bet that suits your budget. blazing 7s slotsThere are three coin denominations available on five reel machines, and they include $.25, $1, and $5 per line. By offering a variety of betting options it allows a large group of players to get involved. Every Blazing 7’s slot machine has several seven symbols on the reels. You can become a winner with mixed sevens, identical sevens, or blazing sevens. Of course, the highest paying option is the identical blazing sevens so this is what you want to cheer for. Common winning combinations and payouts include: three blazing sevens on lines 1 through 4 will win you 250 coins. If you add a blazing seven on the fifth payline, in addition to the first four, you will hit the progressive jackpot. Players should be aware of the different formats. Blazing 7’s are available in five reel formats ranging anywhere from three to twenty paylines.

I have found Blazing 7’s slots to be a great choice. The high hit rate, coupled with varied coin denominations, makes these games worthwhile no matter what casino you are visiting. Blazing 7’s slots machines have been popular for many years, and will continue to be available well into the future.


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