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Cops and Donuts Slots

Even though Cops and Donuts slots may not make the police force very happy, this is not the case for those who play this game on a regular basis. If you are interested in high paying, exciting machines, you want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with Cops and Donuts slots. There are many reasons to play Cops and Donuts slot machines, and just a couple are the two available bonus games as well as the top prize of 50,000 coins.

Cops and Donuts Slots: The Details

Cops and Donuts slots feature five reels and twenty paylines. This is pretty standard in the slot machine industry which makes it easy for you to catch on as a player. One of the biggest benefits of Cops and Donuts slots is that they come in different coin denominations. For this reason, make sure you are careful when choosing a machine; you don’t want to sit down to find out that you are going to have to make a large bet. But no matter what type of machine you are playing, the top prize is 50,000 coins across the board.

Cops and Donuts Slots Bonus Games

Cops and Donuts SlotsThere are two Cops and Donuts slots bonus games to be aware of: The Speed Trap bonus game and The Donut Eating bonus game.

To trigger the Speed Trap game you need to receive a speed limit symbol on the far right reel and a police car on the left. This leads to Office Leon coming onto the screen to get you started. From there, you choose an “excuse” which then reveals one of three things: a multiplier, a coin value, or another free pick.

To activate the Donut Eating bonus game you need to receive three or more bonus symbols on either the first, second, or third reels. The player has the chance to select a number which determines the amount of trays you will choose. When you choose a tray, it will reveal how much you win.

With top of the line graphics, a fun theme, big prizes, and great bonus games, I have fallen in love with Cops and Donuts slots.


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