Golden Fan Slots

Golden Fan Slot Machines – Play Free Golden Fan Slots

Golden Fan Slots

Golden Fan slot machines from Video Gaming Technologies (VGT)
is an exciting game that is powered by the company’s famous Live Call Bingo engine. This provides a stable playing environment that all players, experienced or not, will grow to appreciate. When you play Golden Fan slots you never have to worry about what is going on with the machine. The only thing on your mind should be winning as much money as possible.

Details of Golden Fan Slot Machines

Golden Fan slot machines are configured with three mechanical reels and one payline. This simple setup makes it easy for all players to get involved. If you are the type who likes “old school” slots that are simple to understand and follow, Golden Fan is one game that you definitely want to get involved with.

Betting denominations include: $.25, $1, $3, and $5. With a three coin maximum you cannot wager anymore than $15 on a single spin of the reels. If you are a player on a budget, you can play Golden Fan slot machines with as little as one quarter in your pocket. As you can see, Video Gaming Technologies designed this game with all players in mind – not just those who have a lot of money.

How much can I win? The top award on Golden Fan slots is 4,000 credits.

Golden Fan Slots Red Screen Free Spin Feature

Golden Fan Slots

When playing Golden Fan slot machines do not be surprised if you activate the Red Screen Free Spin feature. While this may confuse you at first, keep in mind that it is a good thing. When you activate this feature you will receive free spins, which essentially means that you are playing with the casino’s money.

Golden Fan slot machines bring an Asian them to the casino floor. This unique theme, combined with high quality artwork on the machine and symbols, is just another reason to get involved with the game.

Video Gaming Technologies knew what they were doing when designing Golden Fan slots. By including many betting options, a high jackpot, and a unique theme, all types of players are drawn in!


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