Guerilla Slots Strategy

A Slot Machine Strategy Designed To Get You That Quick Win

Guerilla Slots Strategy

This slots strategy does not ask you don a guerilla suit and scare the hell out of the other players
as you try to beat the slots (although, hell, I’ll try anthing for a winner. So, if you do it and it works, let me know). Nor, does it involve dressing up in camouflage fatigues, sunglasses and a beret with ammo belts criss-crossing your chest. But, you do approach playing the slots much as a guerilla figher would. In a way, you are trying to ambush the slot machines. Hit them, score a win and then get out before they can retaliate.

Hit The Slots, Win And Get Out

The Guerilla Slots Strategy tries to keep you from playing your winnings back into the same machine you won them on. To play this slot machine strategy, you pick a machine, put your money in and then play until you hit a winner. Hopefully, the amount of your winning spin bring you past break-even. In other words, you will now have more credits in the machine than you did just after you put your money into it. Now, you cash out. Even if you are not even yet, you still cash out. In know that a lot of you will say “Hey, wait just a minute! The machine just got hot. No way I am cashing out now! Believe me, most times I am right there with you. But, that is not how the Guerilla Slots Strategy works.

The Strategy Designed To Keep Your Winnings In Your Pocket

The main focus of this strategy is to keep you from playing your winnings back into the slot machine in search of an even bigger win.

I know that we have all, at some point or another, continued playing a machine after a decent winner because we thought that the machine was now “hot” and we were on a roll. And, if you have play slots a bunch like my wife and I have, then, like us, you have mentally chastised yourself later for playing your winnings back into the machine in search of an even bigger winner. I think we have all been guilty of this in the past at least once.

Slot Machines Tend To Run Hot and Cold

It has been my experience playing slots is that slot machines get hot and then get cold. Then, sometimes they get hot again and so on. You may want to try to play thru a cold spell. The Guerilla Slots Strategy says No! Don’t do it! Get out and move on. Many times, I have hit a winner within the first few spins after sitting down in front of a slot machine. This strategy tries to take advantage of that and forces you to get up and go try another machine.

My Experience With The Guerilla Slots Strategy

I have used this strategy many times with success. It is one of my favorite strategies for playing the slots. One thing that I like about it is that I keep moving throughout the casino from game to game, or from casino to casino if I am in Las Vegas or Reno. This helps to keep the gambling fun and fresh as I am constantly playing a different game. The only downside to the Guerilla Slot Machine Strategy is that it does not work so well if you are in a group of three or more as it can be tough to keep up with each other’s whereabouts. However, that aside, you should give this one a try.