Hal’s VGT Red Screen Slots Strategy

How to beat the VGT Red Screen Bonus Slot Machines

VGT Red Screen Slots

Here is a slots strategy for playing the Video Gaming Technology (VGT) machines found in Indian casinos across
the country. These VGT slot machines all feature the red screen re-spin feature. The VGT slots come in many variations. Some of the more popular ones are Hot Red Ruby Slots, Lucky Leprechaun Slots, Mr. Money Bags Slots, Star Spangled Seven Slots and Lucky Ducky slots. There are many others, but these seem to be the most popular. All of these machines share the red screen re-spin bonus spin.

The Red Screen Re-spin Bonus

I have called VGT and spoken to them about this red screen re-spin. What they told me is that it is completely random. However, if you play these games enough, you will notice that you only get the red screen when you have a winning spin. Typically you will get a red screen re-spin on about 1 out of every five winning spins. And, the larger the winning spin, the greater the award on the red screen re-spin.

For example, most times you will get a higher red screen bonus from a re-spin generated from three bars then you will from a win resulting from having a cherry symbol on the pay line. Some times the reels will spin more than once. The highest number of spins I have seen or heard about is 5 spins. This does not necessarily mean that will get a larger winner from five spins than you will from a single re-spin though. I hit a $4,000 jackpot on a single re-spin. A three spin bonus yielded only $275.

How To Play Hal’s Red Screen Slots Strategy

My buddy Hal taught me how to play the red screen machines. Last year (2009) he had 17 IRS tickets – this means that 17 times he hit jackpots of over $1,200 on red screen machines at Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma. This year (2010) we have met up at Choctaw Casino a number of times. I personally have seen him hit winners of $5,000, $4,000, $3,600 , $2,500 and $1,400 and many smaller but substantial wins. Hal told me he was up over $15,000 for 2009. He has made a believer out of me and my wife.

Hals VGT Red Screen Slots Strategy

What Hal does is to play the $1 VGT games. The strategy works on the quarter games and the $2 and $5 games too. He will take anywhere from $200 to $500 when he goes to play the slots. He will select a VGT game to play and put in a $100 bill. If the machine does not start paying out after he has played $50, he moves to another VGT game. The goal is to get a red screen and hit that bonus.

Some nights will be short as you will not find a machine that is paying out that evening. On other night, you will start hitting red screens and winning $200 here, $300 there and if you are lucky, a jackpot. On those nights when he is winning, he will set the larger part of the winnings aside and take $100, $200 or $300 and play with that amount to see if this is really his lucky night. Sometimes it is and he really hits it big. Other nights, that extra amount he plays with after pocketing the larger portion of his winnings, gets burned thru quick and he heads back home to Dallas.

Hal’s Red Screen VGT Strategy Has Worked For Me

It has been about three months since Hal told me how he beats the VGT Slots. My wife and I have hit several jackpots, most notably $4,000 on Crazy Bill’s Gold Rush Slots on 7-25-10. We are winning more often than we lose and are up well over $7,000 for the last three months or so. Some nights we are only in the casino for an hour and a half. We have either burned thru our stash or hit a few smaller winners and leave the casinos winners. Other evenings, we stick around for 4-5 hours. These are almost always big winning trips.

I highly recommend you try Hal’s Red Screen VGT Slots Strategy for yourself and see how it works for you.

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