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Harley Davidson Slots

IGT is responsible for some of the most exciting and profitable games in the world of slot machines. They hit the nail on the head with Harley Davidson slots. In addition to keeping you on your toes from the moment you sit down, this game offers some of the largest jackpots that you will ever come across. For most players, the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot is reason enough to play.

No matter if you are a biker or have never driven a hog, you should consider playing Harley Davidson slots. You can catch on to the way this game is played in no time at all. Like all slots from IGT, Harley Davidson machines are easy to understand.

IGT decided to produce Harley Davidson slot machines in a limited edition. This detail, along with the fact that they are part of a large progressive network, has made these games highly popular in many casinos all over the United States. Harley Davidson would never put their name on something of low quality. And they didn’t buck the trend with Harley Davidson slot machines.

Harley Davidson Slots: The Details

Brace yourself for this detail: Harley Davidson slots only take a nickel to get started. With so much popularity and a nice progressive Harley Davidson Slotspot most people expect this game to require a much larger bet. The small starting wager has done a lot for attracting many people to Harley Davidson slots who would have otherwise stayed away. To make things even better, to qualify for the progressive jackpot you do not have to bet anymore than a dollar. This is a much lower qualifier than many other progressive machines.

How big is the Harley Davidson slots machine progressive jackpot? You will be pleased to know that it starts at $50k. So even after somebody wins, the jackpot never goes lower than $50k. Of course, winning isn’t easy so you can expect the jackpot to reach over $100k on a regular basis. The largest pot ever won was an astonishing $7,440,000.

In addition to the money you will take home, if you hit the progressive jackpot you are also presented with a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. Who wouldn’t want to win a Special Edition Harley Davidson slots Fat Boy?

The jackpots are nice, but IGT went a long way in making this game fun even if you are losing. While playing, classic biker rock songs, such as Born to be Wild, are blasted through the speakers. Additionally, the graphics are also of very high quality.

With so many Harley Davidson fans there is no wondering why these slot machines have been a huge hit. If you are interested in progressive jackpots that don’t require a large bet, you should spend a lot of time playing Harley Davidson slots. This is one game that will never disappoint you.


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