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The Mirage Casino Las Vegas slot machines

The Mirage Casino Slot Machines

When it comes to the most popular hotels and casinos in Las Vegas,The Mirage Slot Machines Nevada, The Mirage is always high on the list. The fact of the matter is that this property draws in large amounts of visitor’s day in and day out. The reason for this is simple: The Mirage does a great job of rolling the casino and hotel experience into one. In other words, the property has everything that visitors could want, and much more.

The casino floor at The Mirage measures a little more than 100,000 square feet. Many are surprised to find out that the casino at The Mirage is not the largest in the city. But remember, size does not mean everything when it comes to the casino experience. What is more important are the games that are available. And when it comes to this detail, The Mirage really shines. The casino features 150 table games as well as just about 2,000 gaming machines.

Variety of Slot Machines at the Mirage

The slot machines have always been popular a The Mirage. If you are going to play these, be prepared to make plenty of decisions. Simply put, there are too many slot machines to play them all. Some of the most popular are the quarter and dollar slots, but the casino does not stop there; many other slot machines are also available. At The Mirage casino you will also find themed slots such as Wheel of Fortune, Anchor’s Wheel of Gold, Cool Millions Dollar Slots, and many others.

The hotel at The Mirage features more than 3,000 rooms. And when it comes to luxury and comfort, this hotel is the best of the best. To go along with a nice hotel, The Mirage also offers 16 restaurants. This gives visitors the chance to experience the entire Las Vegas experience without ever having to leave the property.

For a great time in Vegas, The Mirage is one property that you should consider.

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